Yogurt Machine Chillers


Since the invention of the yogurt machine, companies and individuals have wasted millions of gallons of city water circulating it through their yogurt machines to cool it down during the yogurt-making process. Recently, city and state governments have cracked down on yogurt and ice cream companies and have made it mandatory to install a chiller / cooling tower water recirculation system to eliminate the dumping of mass quantities of city water down the drain. This actually ended up being a benefit to yogurt companies because the investment of a small chiller system to cool their yogurt machine is nowhere near the yearly water bills they were facing.


Whaley Products designs, builds, and distributes simple water chiller and cooling tower solutions for any yogurt machine cooling application. Modular, packaged,closed loop, glycol, and split systems are the norm. WPI’s FRP Cooling Tower systemsare frequently installed as well because of their lower up-front cost. Contact an experienced Yogurt machine engineer today.




SA Series
Packaged Chillers
(integrated pump tank)
1.5Ton – 20Ton
Single / Dual Circuits
Single / Dual Pumps
SAE Series
Modular Chillers
(pump & tank on
separate skid)
1.5Ton – 200Ton
Single / Dual Circuits
SAR Series
Split Chillers
(Outdoor Condensing Unit)
(pump, tank, evaporator on
indoor skid)
1.5Ton – 200Ton
Single / Dual Circuits